Cricket Club Scam Continues


Sadly over the last 24 hours we have been made aware of fraudulent approaches to club Treasurers at Nottinghamshire clubs..

Unfortunately, it seems that clubs across the country, and specifically Nottinghamshire in this case, have again become the target of a very believable email scam. Clubs in other parts of the country have actioned these emails due to the honest seeming nature and as a consequence have lost considerable amounts of money. This scam is now back in circulation and being targeted at clubs in Nottinghamshire. Fortunately the club in question have acted diligently and not responded or actioned the fake requests.

The nature of the scam is that an email is sent from the Chairman (or other senior Officer) of the club to the Treasurer requesting them to make a payment by bank transfer – the correct email addresses are shown and the appropriate names of Officers are used making the scam look very convincing. In some instances I am aware that scam reminder emails are being sent a day or two later to make the emails look even more convincing.
Please can all clubs be highly diligent if you receive such a request from any officer in your club. If you receive a message of this type, or of a similar nature that purports to be from a club, league or board official, check that the email address from which it originates is the one by which you 'know' them. We would advise that If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the message then contact them directly by phone to make sure that it is a genuine request before making any payment.

Please contact the NCB office if any concerns or to report of your club have received such communications.

The ECB has confirmed that similar attempts have been made across the UK and they advise that clubs should also report such requests to the police at