Inappropriate and Unwelcome behaviour towards Young Female Participants in Cricket


Over the last few weeks the Safeguarding Team has received reports of sexual harassment of female players, either on the pitch through inappropriate language or ‘sledging’, or off the pitch via unsolicited text and social media contact.

Please could you remind clubs, via their welfare officers, that such behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. No young women should receive such attention through taking part in cricket.

The following should be brought to the attention of Club Welfare Officers and clubs in your County:

·         Members should be reminded of their own codes of conduct, and the guidance included in ‘Safe Hands’, especially ‘ECB guidance for clubs on the use of Social Media, texts and email’.

·         Clubs should also be reminded that ‘sledging’ female players by reference to their body parts constitutes sexual harassment. Where any such incident involves an under 18 player, this must be reported as a safeguarding matter and will be dealt with as such.

·         Female participants should be encouraged to report any incidents of unwanted comment, attention or harassment to the Club Welfare Officer, who should inform the County Welfare Officer.

·         Any concerns can also be reported at any time directly to the ECB Safeguarding Team


Thank you for your assistance in making it clear that such behaviour has no place in our sport.

With best wishes,


Richard Desjardins

Safeguarding Manager

England and Wales Cricket Board