Latest guidance on high full pitch deliveries (as at 19 April 2018)


The laws of the game were amended in October 2017.  For any bowler that bowls a ball over waist high, a first and final will be issued.  On a second such delivery, the bowler will be removed from play.

Below is a summary regarding the latest guidance on high full pitched deliveries for all age group cricket:

In any cricket at Under 14 and older, the 2017 Code of the Laws of Cricket applies in full.  This includes 'age-group' players in adult cricket.

In any representative cricket at any age group, the 2017 Code of the Laws of Cricket applies in full. (eg: Notts U13, Notts U15 etc.)

.In any other cricket at Under 13 and younger (eg: Schools, clubs sub- County etc) the interpretation of the Law is amended to the previous Code of the Laws, ie: Caution, Final Warning and bowler taken off.

ECB ACO points out that umpires have full public liability insurance cover when following the 2017 Code of the Laws or any competition rules.

Officials must be sure that players, coaches and team managers are fully appraised of the situation before the toss.