Saturday 7 July - UPDATE


Dear All


Please see below clarification from the LMC regarding Saturdays fixtures.


We have noted everyone’s questions and concerns regarding these arrangements and have also taken note of what other leagues have proposed in terms of adjustments to times, tea intervals etc in order to accommodate watching the England match in arriving at this decision. The concerns of many umpires in relation to this matter have also been taken into account.


  1. Any fixtures that have been rearranged to 27 August (Bank Holiday Monday) or are in the process of being rearranged will be played under ALL normal league rules. Thanks to all the clubs that have taken or are taking this step.
  2. All other fixtures to be played on Saturday will be 20 – 20 fixtures:
  1. Start time will be 11.00 am but may be rearranged by mutual agreement if there are long travelling distances involved. Where any rearrangements are agreed please be aware that it is the clubs responsibility to contact their allocated umpires and confirm their availability.
  2. Umpires will be paid their normal match fees.
  3. There will be no requirement to provide teas.
  4. Matches will be played under Mallen Trophy rules; maximum of 4 overs per bowler, fielding restrictions applying only to Championship and Division 1 Clubs, and free hit from a front foot no ball.
  5. Points will be awarded as per the e-mail earlier today (20 for a win, 10 for a defeat).
  6. Results to be posted on Play Cricket in accordance with the standard deadlines listed in the handbook.
  7. There will be no requirement to submit umpire assessment forms for Championship & Division 1 Clubs.


The above decision has been reached to cover the circumstances we are faced with on Saturday, and whilst we appreciate that they may not suit all teams we have attempted to provide maximum flexibility and an opportunity for all to watch the England game without having to re-start play and face potential late finishes and the problems these may bring, once the football has finished.


If there are any disputes over fixtures then these will be dealt with on an individual basis at the LMC meeting next Tuesday.


This communication is sent jointly on behalf of the League Chairman, Secretary and Fixture secretary and will be the final communique regarding this matter.


Kind Regards


Gareth Jones                          Neil Fenwick               Tom Munro

League Chairman                   League Secretary       League Treasurer/Fixture Secretary.